IMG_7339IMG_7361“Wood & Iron” is a project born from the desire of two Italian artisan businesses to create a product that combines two materials simple and old as wood and iron.

The meeting of past and the present day has created a floor designed for the contemporary world.

Customization – the “custom-made” of each floor is a challenge to our creative ability that helps us to grow and improve ourselves, to meet all the expectations and desires of each customer.

“Wood & Iron” collection combines various stages of processing: from the design of the pattern floor  with the consequent choice of essences and colors to the personalization of the iron decoration by different shapes and numerous finishing.
The purpose was also to bring together very different types of processing: the wood entirely handmade and the iron cut with laser technology.

Our partnership, therefore, has developed a product that identifies the history of the past and the future ambition: maintain higt quality and preciousness in manufacturing of our materials, matching together in always more creative and innovative way.